Ukrainians won six awards at the World Cup stage in Chile!

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At the fourth stage of the World Cup cycling track in Santiago, Ukrainians won six awards. On the first day, Lubov Basova took gold in a personal sprint, defeating Russian woman Daria Shmeleva in the finals. On the second day of the competition our compatriots climbed five more times on the podium.

Two bronze medals went to Ukrainians in the omnium. Roman Gladysch took third place in men’s competitions, and Tatyana Klimchenko showed a similar result among women. Gladysh scored 128 points, and in the race for the elimination he scored a maximum of 40 points. At Klimchenko in the asset of 118 points, and in scratch it became the best, and in the tempo race – the second.

Twice on the podium rose Andrei Vinokurov. In the personal sprint, he finished third in the bronze final, defeating the Japanese Kavabat Tomoyuki. In Keirin finished in second place, second only to another cyclist from Japan, Utah Wakimoto.

Another award was won by Lubov Basova. To the gold of the sprint, she added a bronze medal in kerin. In the final race, the Ukrainian lost only to the American Madalene Godby and New Zealand’s Natasha Hansen.