Recovery after long distances

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A marathon is a huge load on the body, even if you are diligently preparing for it. In a scientific study conducted in 1983, it was found that such long distances as the marathon cause inflammation and necrosis in the athlete muscles, which significantly reduce muscle strength within 14 days after the race or intensive training. That is, your muscles need at least 2 weeks to go back to the original mark.

Given all these factors, a full recovery after a marathon can go from three weeks to a month. At this time, you should get a full sleep, eat well and allow your body to recover, enjoying massages, yoga and pleasant workouts for you that do not involve running.

Do not attack the food immediately after the end of the race. Your body will go crazy and just bring it back. During the first 30-60 minutes, start with small portions of snacks, and leave a grandiose meal for the evening.