Kiev marathon in the rain

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Sunday, October 9, was held the main event of the fall running season – 7-th Kyiv international marathon.

Despite the pouring rain and cold autumn wind started out more than 6 thousand participants from 49 countries.

Marathon runner gave Vitali Klitschko. Also the mayor of Kiev took part in the charity run “Live the dream” at a distance of 2 km. Marathon distance – 42 km 195 m for men was won by the Lviv Oleh Leshchyshyn. Oleg amputated his left arm below the elbow, and he set a goal to participate in the special Olympics. At yesterday’s race, he planned to cover the distance in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes, but the autumn weather has not given to implement the plans. The winning result Lisicina – 2:31:10. Behind him finished Artem Poddubny with indicator – 2:31:19. Closed three winners Eugene Hlywa with a time of 2:33:18.

Victory in the women’s marathon was won by Julia Bayramov with 3:01:11. Julia stands for sports club “Invasport” and is a member of the Deaflympic national team (limited auditory capabilities).
30-year-old runner is the winner of the world championship 2016 in run on 5 and 10 km among the deaf. Second and third place went to Elena Fedorova and Olga Donchenko, respectively.

Sergey Marchuk, the current champion of Ukraine in the marathon, won the half marathon distance with a time of 1:14:31.

Female “mate” took Olga Degtyarenko, showing the time of 1:32:18. Now Olga is in the patrol police of the Dnieper, and was previously a professional runner.

Feature 7-th Kyiv international marathon became a real autumn weather. The truth is most athletes, she’s not scared, but on the contrary has given impetus to test themselves in more extreme conditions.