How to start running?

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If you have decided to take up running as a means to begin exercising or as an addition to your current exercise regimen, you have completed the first step to becoming a runner.

Or maybe you signed up for a race or someone else decided that you will start running. Either way, running can improve your life both physically and mentally.

When you add running segments to a walk, you can experience a sense of joy not bestowed by other life activities. With proper pacing and the right run-walk-run ratio, you can build up your training. There is no need to experience pain or fatigue!

Some advice:

1. First, gradually increase a gentle walk to 30 minutes.

This can be done every day or every other day.

2. Then, insert segments of 5-10 seconds of running, every 1-2 minutes, every other day. If you want to exercise every day, walk only on the day between run-walks, otherwise, use it as a rest day.

3. If you experience pain, inflammation or loss of function in the feet or legs, stop the run immediately.

4. To prepare for a 5km, increase the distance of one of your run-walks each week by 5-10 minutes per week.